Learn how to offer cargo insurance to your customers and bring in a new revenue stream for your business.

Why should you offer cargo insurance to your customers?

Offering cargo insurance to your customers not only protects your business – it also presents an exciting opportunity to add a significant new revenue stream. But where do you get started? Magaya has you covered with training to help you learn how to offer cargo insurance to your customers.

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Request insurance certificates right from your Magaya system. No need to re-enter details such as cargo value – it is transferred from the shipment screen into the cargo insurance request screen.


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You can save or print a policy or certificate as proof of insurance right from your Magaya system or the Magaya Insurance Portal. When you file the request, cargo insurance certificate is automatically attached to the House shipment as a PDF.

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All the charges for the insurance are integrated with your other shipment charges in your Magaya system, saving you time. Cost premiums and resale premiums are automatically calculated and the charges are automatically generated within your Magaya system.

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Create reports in the portal for shipments by day, week, month, etc. to stay in-the-know at all times.

Why should your customers buy cargo insurance from you?

The coverage in an all-risk cargo insurance policy not only protects your business, it also protects your shipper customers against physical loss or damage to their cargo. This is the broadest type of coverage that the shipper can buy to protect their merchandise while it is in transit.

Provide your customers with quality, comprehensive service by offering the broadest type of coverage, which is an added benefit to your customers who do not have their own cargo policy. They’ll appreciate the protection and the time savings, since they don’t need to spend time shopping around for insurance.

If you’re a Magaya Supply Chain user, you can even set the CIF +10% and other charges right in your system so you have the costs of the cargo, the insurance, and the freight easily accessible. Then you have total visibility into the costs of all aspects of the transaction, not just the cargo

Gain the assurance that comes from dealing with trusted sources, getting the best prices, and the convenience of using your Magaya software for the process.

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